The Pastor’s Garage December 21st, 2021

Well, here we are again. Christmas is only days away and the New Year is
upon us. All I really wanted to say is Merry Christmas from me and my
family to you and to your loved ones. We love you all and pray that you
would experience the very heart and meaning of Christmas. Immanuel. God
with us, come to rescue us!

In only a few days we will hold our annual Christmas Eve service at 7:00pm
on the 24th. It’s a quiet, laid back service with carols, candles and a
short devotional. Please feel free to invite your friends, neighbors and

On Sunday the 26th (Boxing Day), we will have a service here at the church,
but it will be more of a sharing and testimony service with some worship.
We will NOT be streaming this service live. Please join us and come with a
praise report, a testimony, or a favorite scripture. I will share a few
short thoughts as well.

Other than that, God bless and have a wonderful Christmas season!

Pastor Dave