The Pastor’s Garage December 9th, 2021

I was struck yesterday that it is not only very close to Christmas, but
also very close to the end of the year. The thing that reminded me? A video
popped up on youtube called something like, “The Top Fails of 2021.” I’m
saving it for when I need a laugh or two.

We could probably all look back on 2021 and see a bunch of fails – things
that we wish were different or that we could do differently or perhaps
things that we could just erase. However, right alongside those I think we
could also see many times when God showed his faithfulness. So maybe I need
to make a video called “The Top God is Faithful of 2021.” Actually, in all
seriousness, I really think the end of the year is a time when it’s really
good for us to be reflective and contemplative about our past year. It’s
probably healthy to look at where we’ve had wins and where we’ve had fails,
but even more importantly, I think we should mark or monument the moments
where God has been faithful – because He has been incredibly faithful this
past year! We have so many things to be thankful for! What are your top ten
God is Faithful moments of 2021! I’d love to hear them.

Last week Margaret sent me out a few thoughts regarding greeting that she
wanted me to forward to you all, here’s her note (I appreciate so much her
heart to help make our Sunday’s just that much more inviting and friendly)!:

“Hello everyone,

Thank you to all that have volunteered to be a greeter we so appreciate you
and I know it is definitely making a positive impact on our church 🙏 even
Dave says so 😉

I just wanted to do another reminder check in with you all about my
commitment to having a safe environment within this pandemic. Obviously
things are improving but we are still sanitizing our hands after any
handshakes, so please rest assured our hands are well sanitized and we are
happy to shake your hand to greet you if that is something you want to do
just stick out your hand ✋. We are committed to wearing our masks while
greeting as per health orders.

It is so nice to see numbers in church so much higher the last few weeks,
it’s amazing!

Thank you again for working with us to make this happen and please feel
free to contact me if you would like to volunteer or have any questions.

Thank you💜
Margaret Phillips”

So if you feel comfortable, please feel free to volunteer and jump right in!

This Sunday I will be sharing here in Grenfell and Pastor Mike and BreAnn
will be going to lead worship out at Jacob Bear. My Dad is going along with
them and will be preaching, so please pray for them as they minister there.
We’ll be celebrating communion here this Sunday and I plan on sharing on
the meaning of communion!

I also wanted to plant a seed in your mind for the New Year regarding
youth. I plan on starting youth again in January and for now the plan would
be to run an afterschool program most likely on Thursdays from 3:30 – 5:30.
I am going to keep the program very straightforward and simple but really
need at least one dedicated volunteer. I’ve been praying that it would be
placed on one of your hearts, so if that is you… please let me know!

God bless,