The Pastor’s Garage February 12, 2019

Hi everyone. Thanks for allowing me to go away to Vancouver last week to
the conference. It was a very good week as I got to spend some time with an
old friend who lives in Vancouver as well as attend a very inspiring
conference. I came away with some fresh ideas but also with a clarified
vision of what we are feeling called to. We must continue to be a people of
prayer and of the word. We must continue to reach out to our community and
not be afraid to try something new – and yet at the same time we really
don’t have anything new to offer! We have the gospel and we have love for
people. What we have is what the church has only ever had. The message of
hope in Christ.

There are a couple things that I want you to be mindful of. First is the
men’s series starting tomorrow night at 7:30 (Wednesday night). I hope that
by now you have heard something about it, if not here you go. We are
starting a 5 week series called the Conquer Series. You can look up more
info here: We’ve heard lots of good things about
this and it’s not just for those who are struggling. Maybe it means you are
coming to just getting better equipped to help a son or a grandson or a
friend. It’s for any man or boy (age 13 and up) who wants to equipped
better for the war we are in as men for sexual purity.

Thursday night, which is Valentines day, we’ll be having a dessert night,
with music provided by Bonnie and Curtis Szakacs and their family. Starts
at 7:00 and tickets will be available at the door. It’s $7.50 per person.
Feel free to invite a friend.

This weekend is a family celebration service and potluck, which is followed
by our annual meeting. If you are a member, we urge you to attend this
meeting and be a part of it. If you are still thinking about membership,
now is the time. Please let me know if you’d like to become a member. In
regards to the annual meeting, please be in a mode of prayer this week for
that meeting. That God would lead and guide and protect. Please also take
up the challenge to fast this week and spend that time praying. It may be a
meal, it may be a meal a day or it may be more. Whatever you think fits for
you and how you sense God calling you.

God bless,

Pastor Dave