The Pastor’s Garage February 12th, 2021

Normally about this time of year we would be asking you to check the list
of members posted at the back of the foyer on the bulletin board in
preparation for our annual meeting. Well, many of you are unable to visit
the church these days so we will have to do it digitally. Please see the
attached members list and let me know if for some reason your name is not
there and you think it should be. It is not intentional that we leave
someone off, but quite possible that we mistakenly forgot to put someone’s
name on. If you would like to officially become a church member, please get
a hold of me.

Speaking of which, please register for the annual meeting soon (link is on
our church website). We need at least 25 members to attend to make
quorum and would like to have as many as we can there in person. However,
we will be sending out a link to attend virtually and some more info a few
days before for those who chose not to be here in person (or for those who
want to attend and cannot because we reach our maximum of 30). As I stated
in a previous email, for those not able to attend, you will need to find a
proxy for voting purposes.

Now, onto something a little less bureaucratic.

How did the media fast go for you?

I caught myself several times going into auto-pilot, checking the news or
checking facebook, but for the vast majority of the four days I was pretty
good. In fact it felt like such a soul-cleansing thing that I plan on
removing myself from facebook completely by March 1st and am looking for
ways to unplug from other media more and more. As I read the epistles I
found myself thinking about how incredible Christ is and what we have been
called to as we join him and become a part of God’s family. We have truly
been given something wonderful in Christ, much more than we ever deserved
and something far beyond our imagination.

I feel rejuvenated in my faith and inspired to follow Christ with greater
passion. Rather than thinking about the news and the situation in the
world, I found myself thinking more and more about Christ. Somehow there
was just a bit more joy. peace and thankfulness in my world – who knew that
less media and more of the word of God would be good for me (sarcasm!!!!)?

Just a note about online giving as a few people have asked me this week.
Here is what is posted on our website:

For those who would like to give online during these times, you can send an
e-transfer to Don’t forget the 1 after admin. Please
write your mailing address in the “message” box in the e-transfer form for
tax purposes. For those who would like to give with cash or check, the
church will be open Sunday mornings from 10:30 to 12 noon and on our
regular office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-noon. You can also mail
in your gift (Grenfell Apostolic Church, Box 28, Grenfell Sk, S0G 2B0).

Anyway, God bless you!

Have a great weekend,

Pastor Dave