The Pastor’s Garage February 13th, 2020

Hi everyone, I trust that you are having a good week.

I just want to focus on one thing today and that is our fasting week coming
up, February 17-22. We are calling on everyone to spend some time during
this week praying and fasting for our church and our community. This is
partly in preparation for our Annual Meeting on the 23rd, but it’s also
really important to have a focused season of fasting and prayer. We will
break our time of fasting and prayer with a pot-luck after the service on
the 23rd, annual meeting to follow at 1:00 pm. We ask that you make that
Sunday as a priority as our annual meetings are very important.

We’ve been having a great time in our Sunday morning class Firm
Foundations. It has been very life giving for me and for others. Feel free
to contact me if you are interested in joining.

If you are looking for a place to discuss scripture, pray together and
grow, I have couple options for you. We have recently started a private
Facebook group to discuss scripture and share prayer requests. I would also
like to offer the option for you to begin a Grow group. We have been
running this for youth over the past few months but it is something anyone
could run and start. It is a very sustainable, easy to run small group
format that focuses on scripture and discussion. If you are interested in
starting something let me know. All you need to do is find 4-5 more people
to join and I will help you start the group. You can meet as little or as
much as you want, but I’d say the minimum is about 2 months.

Please pray for the service this Sunday as I preach and for our worship

In closing, here is more information about our week of fasting beginning on
the 17th:


*Fasting Week 2020 – Grenfell Apostolic Church:*
February 17th – 22nd, 2020

How desperate are we for the move of God? What would you be willing to give
up to see God move in our church and our community? Would you be willing
to go hungry to see more of the move of God?

Fasting is a spiritual discipline that has been practiced by the church for
a long time and is often a spark for renewal and revival. We follow in
Christ’s footsteps – Matthew 3:16-4:4.

Some important points about fasting:

– God led Christ into it – let’s ask God to lead us into our week of
fasting. Ask God, “what do you want me to do?”
– Fasting is challenging, expect it be that way and press on – there is
a reward.
– It is about food! I think there is value in things like media fasts (I
encourage you to do this during this week) but true fasting is about food,
it is supposed to cost you.
– Pray during your fast. Don’t just go hungry, press into God and cry
out to him.
– Fasting wrestles our heart away from focusing on the here and now and
reminds us of eternal treasures.

Practical tips:

– Do something sustainable. For example, maybe fast your lunch meal
during this week and pray.
– Anticipate mood swings, fatigue and hunger pains.
– Don’t let hunger be the focus, make Christ the focus.
– Anticipate God moving and listen intentionally to him.

The church will be open Monday the 17th to Saturday the 22nd over the noon
hour for prayer. Here are three things to focus your prayers on this year:

– *That God would stir a hunger for more of Him.*
– *That souls would be won for Christ this year.*
– *That God’s Spirit would be poured out upon us.*