The Pastor’s Garage February 21st, 2018

So… lots have been asking me and here it is. The Prayer Cache info!

You have two options to find the prayer cache (if you don’t know what I am talking about, let me know and I can fill you in).

1) For the more adventurous type:

  • Download an app like My GPS Coordinates for either android (link) or iOS (link) and use that to hunt down the cache. You will have to move (and drive) around until you get closer and closer to the cache. When the coordinates of where you are match with the coordinates on your phone you will know you are getting close. Remember that GPS is only accurate to a certain extent so you will have to do some hunting.

2) For those less adventurous and technically challenged:

  • Type those coordinates into your favorite mapping website or app like Bing Maps or Google Maps and it will show you where to start looking. And remember, GPS is only accurate to a certain extent so you will have to do some hunting.

If you get stuck, find a teenager or grandkid and try again.

Prayer Cache GPS Coordinates:

  • 50.385338, -102.957304
  • or in their alternative form, 50°23’07.22"N 102°57’26.29"W

In other news, a reminder about the Set Free retreat in Moose Jaw on March 16 and 17. I’ve been encouraging as many as possible to take this in. For details check past emails and this site (

I’d also like to put the ACOP Biennial conference at the end of May on your radar. You can find more information here ( We are privileged to have this so close to us at the Regina Ap. I know that many won’t be able to get away for the whole conference, but the evening services are open to the public. I recommend taking them in. Much prayer and planning is going into this event.

On March 24th and 25th we will do a farm prayer tour and bless the seed service again. In preparation for that would you begin to bring in jars of the crops you will be planting this year. I’d like to have a time of special prayer for the crops in our community again this year as well as a prayer tour of the farms. I’ll be in touch soon.

Lastly, please begin to prepare your hearts for this Sunday. We are going to have an extended time of prayer and worship at the end of the service. You may come and receive prayer or spend some intentional time just listening to God. Please come prepared to receive from God as we purposefully seek Him.

Last Sunday I gave you some homework in regards to my message. I asked you to reflect on what God might be calling you do. This could have ranged from dealing with a sin your life to a change in your marriage to taking on a new career to getting involved with leadership in the church. Whatever it is, if it has to do with being a disciple or building God’s kingdom, it’s probably something that will cost you. Your homework was to take a small step, a baby step ( this week towards this and then come this Sunday anticipating God meeting you with the strength, courage and resources to move forward.

Please pray for our service and for the worship leader Mike Zorn this Sunday.

God bless,

Pastor Dave