The Pastor’s Garage July 4th, 2018

Can you believe it. I have survived a whole week (almost) without Liz! The
kids have clean clothes and have been eating healthy (for the most part)
meals. Only one meal did I hear them say, “That’s it?” I sure miss Liz and
will be glad to see her tomorrow night. If you need me after that I will be
at the spa for a week recuperating. I’m kidding! My oldest son has really
been helpful. He’s an amazing kid.

Only a couple things to mention this week. Springside Family Camp starts
next week. I’d encourage you to make it out to camp on the 15th for the
Sunday morning service. We won’t have a service her that Sunday.

On July 29th we’ll be having a time of food and fellowship after the
service as we say goodbye to Lindsay and Stacey. Please come prepared with
an encouraging card or note. If you feel led, we’d encourage you to bless
them with a financial gift as well.

This Sunday I’ll be preaching from Acts 12:18-24 and about how God’s word
will flourish no matter what! Stacey will be leading this Sunday, so please
be in prayer for her and her team as well.

God bless,