The Pastor’s Garage July 6th, 2017

Once again, welcome to the garage!

I’ve got more of an information download for you this week than other weeks, but I want to prep you on how things are going to look as far as the sermon’s this summer. Last summer we worked our way through the book of Mark. This summer, we are going to work our way through the Gospel of John. Once again, we’ll be reading large portions of scripture uninterrupted during the service.

Here’s a great introduction and overview of the first 12 chapters of the book of John from RightNow Media: If you don’t have an account you won’t be able to access this, so please let me know and I will help you get signed up (it’s free!). This short video will help you get some context of the rest of the book.

This Sunday we’re going to be looking at John 1-3. These three chapters are a fairly easy read and so I would encourage you to read these three chapters ahead of time. If you like you can also listen to these three chapters here, For those who’d like to put it on their mp3 player, I’ve attached an audio file of these three chapters.

I’m going to be using the SOAP bible study method as a framework for working through the book in the hopes that your will become familiar with this method and perhaps use it yourself. If you are not familiar with it, you can google it or you can wait and I’ll explain it a bit on Sunday. As we work through John week by week over the summer I’d like you to follow along with me as we study the book and do your own study and application of the book using SOAP. I’m anticipating God speaking to you! I’ve been profoundly impacted this week as I have studied the first three chapters this week us good old SOAP 🙂

Pastor Lindsay and I spend a good chunk of the day planning and dreaming about next year and what we’d like to see happening in the church through September to June. Prayer came up again and again in our discussion. I’m already excited to unveil what I believe God is putting on our hearts. What about you? What are some of the things you dream about seeing happening in our church this next year?

Please pray once again for our service and for the worship team. It does make a difference!

On a personal note, please continue to pray for my brother in law. I know many of you have been. He has a fairly major surgery planned for monday so please remember to hold him up in prayer.

Lastly, remember that next Sunday the 16th we won’t be having a service here in Grenfell. Instead our service will be out at camp. I encourage you all to come out and enjoy the service with us there on Sunday morning.

God bless,

Pastor Dave