The Pastor’s Garage June 29th, 2017

Hey everyone,

Yesterday was the last day of school. Summer is officially here. Summer is well, a different season. For many of us, summer is a time of rest or "time-off." It’s time with family, camping, travelling or just sitting by the BBQ or the lake. It’s time spent differently than the rest of the year – most likely because it’s -40 for like 10 months!

I know I look forward to more time outside, more time fishing, more time on my motorbike, time at the pool or time just relaxing and trying my best not to do too much. But what about our spiritual lives? Are we supposed to take "time-off" from our spiritual growth or pursuits? I’m not even sure that this is even a valid question. I don’t think that our spiritual lives are supposed to be something we do or something we "work at" and need time off from. Our spiritual lives should be something that is integrated into everything that we do and a part of our character. Now, I will grant that there are certain practices that are essential and that we need to be disciplined about, like daily prayer and daily scripture reading, but these are not "my spiritual life." They may be practices which feed and foster spiritual growth, but they are not my source of strength and faith and life. God, living within me, transforming my mind and my heart are my spiritual life. The maker of the universe, who came as a man and died for my sins, who gave me new life and redeemed me is my spiritual life. He is the source of LIFE, not the things that I do.

Rather than seeing it as work or something we do, maybe we need to use the word intentional. Let’s not use the summer season as an excuse to check out of our spiritual lives or our spiritual work, rather let’s be intentional about acknowledging and inviting God into our lives – no matter what we are doing! Let’s practice being aware of Him, whether we are on the beach or in the car travelling to a destination or sitting by the campfire. Let’s pray while we are fishing, let’s worship Him while we are driving. Let’s be intentional about growing in our spiritual lives as we rest. In fact, what could be more restful that leaning on God? What could make for a more refreshing summer than enjoying God and all He has for us.

Please pray for the joint worship service this Sunday being held at the Presbyterian Church. Pray for me as I will be sharing the sermon and for the other ministers in town who will be leading the worship and the kids time. I’ll be speaking from Psalm 46 on trusting in God. My sermon title is "Canada for 150, God for Eternity."

This morning Pastor Lindsay and I spent a couple hours in prayer for all of you and for our town. We ask that you would pray for us for wisdom, strength and for clarity. We also would ask that you prayer for our town and the people in it – that God would have his way.

If you haven’t registered for camp please register ( It helps the cooks and everyone to know how to prepare. All the cabins have been booked, but there is still lots of room for campers. It’s gonna be a great summer!

God bless,

Pastor Dave