The Pastor’s Garage July 9th, 2020

Hi everyone,

I’ve uploaded a video talking about some of the things that will be
happening at our service this week (*If you have not heard we are meeting
again this Sunday!)* If you are a watcher then go ahead and watch. If you
are more of a reader I have the guidelines typed out at the bottom of this

There’s a couple of things I’d like to make clear as people have had some

*Realignment Series *-

This is a series of videos we have been putting together different from our
Sunday sermon videos which we have been calling The Sunday Experience. We
are uploading video number four this week and will continue to upload
videos weekly through the summer. We encourage you to work through these
videos in order and preferably in a small group. At some point in the fall
we plan on going through the material in this series again and will
encourage small groups. We foresee this series being foundational to the
future of our church.

The realignment series is very challenging – and asks some hard questions,
but I think the fruit of it will be a healthy, vibrant church.

*The Sunday Experience – *

During the coronavirus closures we had been uploading a Sunday sermon each
weekend. Moving forward we will continue to do this and will attempt
offering the service live through facebook for those who cannot attend.

*Financial Situation*

Largely due to a very faithful and generous body, but also due to the fact
that we have reduced our spending as much as possible, we are not in any
financial danger at this time. We are in a very good place for now, but
please continue to support the church as we journey through this next

For those of you who need some fellowship please join us on the lawn for
Front Lawn Friday tomorrow morning from 10 – noon.

God bless,

Pastor Dave


Sunday Service Guidelines:

If you are sick, please stay home. The service can be streamed from our

Please use social distancing – 6 feet apart unless you are in a family

Sanitize your hands before entering – and sanitize often.

Physical contact is discouraged.

Please attempt to maintain the directional flow in the building and
remain in your seats.

You must have an usher sign you in.

Our seating capacity is 60. I doubt we will get over that, but if we do
we will have to turn people away – again, I don’t think this will be a

If you are immunocompromised or anxious about the virus you are
encouraged to stay home. If you need pastoral care Pastor Mike or Pastor
Dave will be more than happy to accommodate you.

We will end the service with a dismissal, and exit through the back door.

Singing? We will not be singing yet. Singing is allowed if we are
wearing masks and we will evaluate this as we move forward.

Offering can be dropped off at the beginning of the service or can be
done online.

If you are meeting in a small group – continue – this is where we want
things to be going anyway!