The Pastor’s Garage June 16th, 2022

This weekend, June 19th, is a special weekend for a number of reasons.

First off, it’s our last Potluck before taking a break for the summer (but
stay tuned for some BBQ nights and maybe even some outdoor movie nights) so
please bring your favorite dish and/or dessert and let’s enjoy some

Secondly, it’s Fathers Day… so in honor of our fathers every dish should
contain bacon! I’ll be sharing a few words specifically to fathers this
Sunday, so bring out your pops and bake him something nice for potluck.

Finally we’re handing out quilts to three of our grads and then saying a
prayer over them. The quilting crew has been tirelessly working to make
beautiful quilts for our grads, so please come and support the grads and
check out the quilts!

So I’d like to try something new this summer, something that my dad did
years ago in Eston when he was pastoring there. For lack of a better word,
let’s call it “Hire a Pastor.” And here’s how it works, you feed me lunch
and/or supper and I’ll come and work with you or for you for the day or for
part of the day. It could be work around your house or yard, on your farm,
in your business or whatever. As long as you feed me and there are times in
the day for us to fellowship together, it’s a done deal. It can be last
minute or a scheduled day, but we are taking some holidays and there’s lots
going on this summer so not any day will work. If you are interested let me
know. This is open to anyone who’s willing to feed me 🙂

June 25th is the Food Festival hosted here in the church parking lot.
Please keep spreading the word and invite your friends and neighbors! The
committee is asking that a number of volunteers show up that morning at
about 8:45 am to help with setup. There will be lots to do and many hands
make light work.

In closing I would simply ask that you pray for our service this weekend
and for our church body. If you would like to join us for prayer on
Saturday night at 7:00pm, you are more than welcome to do so.

God bless and have a great weekend,

Pastor Dave