The Pastor’s Garage June 21, 2019

I am going to keep things to two main things today as I don’t want to cloud
your minds with too much information.

*Number 1: *This Sunday we are having a short service and then we are going
on a clean-up walk through the community. I will also be encouraging you to
pray for our community as we do this. We will go out rain or shine so dress

We will meet back at the church at around noon for a free BBQ. Feel free to
invite a friend or neighbor to join us for the clean up and the BBQ.

For those who are not able to walk with us, we will have the Oakshela room
setup as a prayer station and would encourage those who can’t to spend some
time really praying for our community. However, even those who can’t walk
far I would encourage to walk even just a block and pray. There is
something about claiming an area for God’s kingdom!

I am looking forward to this and I believe it will be a blessing to our
church and to this community. Come and join us!

*Number 2: *Jazmin Maier has been a part of our church for many years. She
would like to go to Street Invaders again this year and has asked if people
in the church would be willing to support her financially. If this is
something that you would like to do, would you please let me know as soon
as you can and I can send you some more information as well as her support
letter. I think that it would be awesome for our church to get involved.


Pastor Dave

God bless,

Pastor Dave