The Pastor’s Garage June 26th, 2020

This week’s Pastor’s Garage from Pastor Mike…


Pastors Garage June 26, 2020

So as I’ve mentioned a few times in recent weeks I’m hopelessly
addicted to a youtube podcast called Unashamed with Phil Robertson(the Duck
Dynasty guys)! I was watching one a couple weeks ago and they were
celebrating their 100th episode and in doing so they were looking at the
number 100. They looked at what was going on at the start of their
podcasts, what was happening in the world 100 years ago, but what gave me
serious pause to think was when they started talking what was happening 100
days ago (feb 29, 2020, or approx 120 days till now). The coronavirus was
just a new thing, still mainly just in Asia. The US only had 23 confirmed
cases and their first death. Here we are approx 120 days later and the US
is reporting 2.5 million cases causing 127,118 deaths. Now you can debate
how accurate those numbers are but you can’t debate that A LOT HAS HAPPENED
IN THE LAST FOUR MONTHS WORLDWIDE! I put it this way, if you were to have
told me on Feb 29 that in four months the world economic system will be
totally shut down, we would be closing the doors to church services, all
sports would be shut down, people would be rioting in the streets and
calling for the defunding of police departments, store shelves would be
bare, and everyone would be paranoid of each other and wearing masks, I
WOULD NOT HAVE BELIEVED YOU! It is nothing short of amazing to me how fast
vast amounts of change in our actions and thinking has transpired in such a
short time! Which also leads me to wonder what the future holds?

There have been many new laws come into place in recent months in
regards to distancing in an effort to curb transmission. Now while in no
way am I endorsing anarchy and disregard to governing authorities, should
we blindly follow every guideline set before us? What if in an effort to
stem racism and address sexual orientation debates the governing
authorities were to ban the Bible and vilify Christianity four months into
the future? Should we still wholeheartedly comply? Some would argue that
some of the measures already put in place have been more damaging than the
actual disease. Yes Jesus did say to respect, honour and pray for our
governing authorities. But in healing on the Sabbath, overturning the
temple sales tables, touching the sick, and telling some to carry things on
the Sabbath He himself broke the law of the time. He said himself “I have
not come to abolish the law, but rather to fulfill it!”Matt 5:17. The
underground church China is essentially breaking the law by meeting and
distributing bibles. Many of the missionaries we support are breaking the
law by being in the countries they are in for the purpose of spreading the
gospel. Where is the line?

These are not clear and easily navigated questions and answers! There
is a difference between following every letter of the law and the spirit
and purpose that the law was given in the first place! We do have a higher
governing authority whose opinion and word(the bible) should supersede that
of the law of the land and popular culture! As the old song goes, “Many
things about tomorrow, I don’t seem to understand, but I know who holds
tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand!”

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own
understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your
paths.”Proverbs 3:5-6

Pastor Mike