The Pastor’s Garage March 11th, 2021 – Important News and Annoucements

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder about the worship night being organized this Friday evening
(the 12th) at 7:00pm. I would really encourage you to register if you are
missing extended times of worship. I would also say this. You don’t have to
come and sing! Maybe you just want to sit in God’s presence. Bring a bible.
Bring a journal. Hey, maybe bring your knitting and just sit with God as
you do it. Of course you are more than welcome to come and worship, but
maybe you just need some space. Leave your phone at home and switch that
part of your brain off and engage with God.

You can register for that event as well as our Sunday service this weekend
(the 14th) at the following page. Please make sure you are registering for
the intended event. Friday night worship or Sunday service – or both!

Yesterday, the government announced that starting March 19th, we can have
up to 30% capacity to a max of 150 people in our services as long as
other protocols can still be followed (i.e. distancing). This is good news.
By these standards we can easily put 70 people in our services. Look
forward to this change at our service on March 21st. And isn’t it exciting
to think that we could have 70 people at our baptism on March 28th! 5
people are getting baptised!

Many of us, including myself, are reaching an increased level of Covid
fatigue. Much of our fatigue seems to get focused on masks – which makes
sense. It is, well, right in (or on) our face. There are some churches and
other groups who have decided it is best for them to discontinue mask use.
I have no desire to judge, to justify or argue those cases, nor will I be
attempting to judge, justify or argue the use of masks. What I want to
share with you is where our church is landing right now and what we as
leaders feel is the best for us. For now, we will continue to encourage
mask use in our building and to the best of our abilities, where it makes
practical sense, to follow the other government guidelines. If you would
like a copy of a nice summary of those guidelines, let me know and I can
forward an excellent summary from ACOP leadership.

I have not spoken about these guidelines for some time and to be honest
have become a little passive myself. Being passive in my personal space is
one thing, but being passive at an organizational level was not wise. And
for that, I am sorry, because in not leading on this I was not protecting
the people who I dearly love as best as I could. For that I truly ask for
your forgiveness. Last week I took the mask signs down, because I figured
by now we all know the regulations. As far as I am concerned they will stay
down because well, we all know the regulations :). If you have questions or
concerns, let me know and let’s talk.

Just know you are all very dear to me and that you have amazed me with your
incredible generosity, humility, forgiveness, and sensitivity to the Holy
Spirit. I can’t express how proud of you I am. This has not been an easy
time for anyone or any church and yet you have weathered the storm and I
have seen over these past few days how mature and how grace filled a number
of you are. Thank you for bringing great joy to my heart and bringing glory
to God.

God bless,

Pastor Dave