The Pastor’s Garage May 14th, 2020

Hi everyone. For some reason it seems like a long time since I have done
this… well, not really, but for some reason it does seem like a while –
it’s almost like a lot has happened in the last few weeks. Well all I can
say in the midst of if is that God is good.

In all that we have been through as a family, there have been a handful of
things that have been helpful and sustaining in this time. Prayer,
scripture reading, and exercise have been foundational in keeping me on
track and in a good head space. I’ll be the first to admit that some days
are a battle, but those have helped to keep me on track. There are other
things which have been really good for me, but those three are the must
haves, the things that you would take with you onto a deserted island.

My encouragement to you is to start doing those things or to keep doing
them. You may roll your eyes at the exercise one or say its too hard, but
we aren’t talking about running a marathon – it might be as simple as going
for a walk or raking some leaves in the backyard. Our minds and bodies
function so much better with a little exercise 🙂

Our 5Alive groups are still running and I would encourage all of you to
engage in those groups. I hope you are all aware of which group you are in
and that you know who your leader is. If for some reason you were never
placed in a group and you want to be, please let me know. You can find more
info here:

Basically, these groups exist to facilitate spiritual care, prayer and
practical support between members of our body. I really think that they are
or should be the life blood of our church. Please reach out to your groups
and to your leaders to find out who else is in your group so you can
support each other. If you have ANY questions about them or want to get
more involved in some way let me know.

We will have a service up online again this weekend as well as some stuff
for the kids again. I will let you know when it is online and ready to go.

God bless,

Pastor Dave