The Pastor’s Garage May 15th, 2019

So I have something really important to share with you today regarding our
upcoming Deeper Life weekend. It was scheduled to be May 25th and 26th, but
we are going to postpone it until the fall, probably October (or later
depending on how people think harvest might look). As your pastor I feel
like the timing of this was not right and it’s too important to get the
timing wrong. Does our church need this? YES! But we need it at the right

Two things that have led to this decision. Number 1, there is lots going on
right now in the life of the church and in people’s everyday lives
(graduation and seeding to name a couple). Number 2, I don’t sense there is
enough of excitement and hunger in us yet to have a weekend like this. I
think this kind of event will be a turning point for us as a church, but I
don’t think that we are ready yet. We need to go into this as a community,
with all of us ready to engage.

As Doug Sigglekow said to me, we need to be led into this, pulled into
this, not pushed – we need to let God do some work in our hearts first. So
we have some more groundwork to do before we head into a weekend like this.
This is not a decision made out of discouragement or anything, it is I hope
a decision about waiting, about “staying in the city” – out of wisdom.
Would you join me in prayer for this and would you ask God to place in you
a fresh hunger for the Spirit of God! This is not an end, it’s a doing it
right – sometimes fast is slow. Let me know if you have any questions or

In other news, this Sunday Teen Challenge will be with us and we will be
presenting the quilts to our high school grads. It’s also potluck weekend
so we look forward to have you with us. Invite a friend, invite a neighbor
and bring some extra food.

Our church camping weekend is still slated for the 31st to June 1st. Book a
site soon! They are filling up. It will be an awesome weekend. Our Sunday
service will be out at the campground, so even if you can’t come camping
come out to the service at the lake at 10:30am. We’ll have a short service,
a baptism and then a BBQ. As in other years we will provide the buns and
burgers, bring a salad and/or a dessert to share.

Other then that please pray for the service this weekend and lets keep
hungering for more of God.

God bless you,

Pastor Dave