The Pastor’s Garage May 26th, 2022

Well, we made it! We survived the trip to Calgary and the conference.
Actually it was more than survival, it was an awesome trip. We really,
really enjoyed ourselves. The conference was great. The kids program at the
conference was great. It was just a really, really good time. On the way
home we stopped in Medicine Hat for a night and hit the waterslides at the
hotel, then headed to my parents place for a night and attended Hillcrest
Church Sunday morning. It really made me miss our church family, but it was
kind of refreshing just to be a member of the crowd. We appreciate so much
the support and love you guys give us.

The Sunday before the conference started was our potluck Sunday and our
“Round Table Discussion.” Thank you to everyone who attended and who
provided input. My plan now is to work with the board and elders to boil
down the comments and ideas to 10 or so practical things that we can be
working towards or working on. Many of them however, will require you to
make them happen – so please be ready as we try to refine that list.

The other thing that I hope to try to have more clarity on as we discuss
these things more is WHY we are doing them. WHY do we have church? WHY are
we here? Many times we can tell people WHAT we do at church, but we rarely
are able to clearly articulate WHY we do church. I think this is a really
important question to answer as it helps us to make decisions and be clear
about HOW we are going to do it and WHAT we are going to do. If we only
talk about WHAT eventually we will lose focus and direction and impact.

So WHY do we do church? WHY do we have a church? WHY do you attend? I have
some thoughts and ideas, but I want to invite all of us to think and pray
about this. I invite you to spend some time thinking about it and praying
about it. I would love to hear your thoughts whether it’s by email, phone
call or text. Please let me know!

This Sunday we will end our service with a time of corporate prayer –
focusing on praying for people in our lives who do not know Christ or
perhaps those who have fallen away like the prodigal son. We will be ending
our online service early to accommodate the time of corporate prayer.
Please pray for me as I prepare a few words to share as well as pastor Mike
who will be leading worship.

And speaking of prayer, please join us Saturday at 7:00pm for our corporate
prayer time – every Saturday night at 7:00pm someone will be here praying.


Pastor Dave