The Pastor’s Garage November 25th, 2021

Hi everyone,

This Sunday I’ll be starting the four Sundays of advent with the kids
during our service which will take us up to the 19th of December… and
then before we know it Christmas will be here! And on the 19th, the kids
who have been attending our Sunday morning Kid’s Club will be doing a
Christmas program that morning so plan to attend that Sunday as well as
maybe inviting their friends and their family. I am so thankful for the
program they are putting together.

On December 24th at 7:00 pm we will be holding our Christmas Eve service.
If you are around and want to take that in, please join us and invite your
friends and neighbors. It is by far my favorite service. Candles, carols
and just being together.

Yesterday we met as a Ministerial and discussed Christmas hampers.
Something that has been a tradition in our community for the last few
years. I know many families were blessed by it. Unfortunately, with covid
and the current staffing at the social services office in town, the hamper
program isn’t going to get off the ground again this year. The Parenting
Plus program, which was led by Larry Tittle, was the key to connecting with
needy families while still maintaining confidentiality. Covid has shifted
some of their positions around (as well as some of their regulations) and
they are just not able to make it work. Larry, unfortunately has been moved
to another part of the province.

So, realizing we needed to do something, we decided to stock up our
foodbank a bit more by asking our churches to donate some extra food items
to the foodbank. To make that food more available, we are opening our
foodbank every Tues and Thursday morning in December. Also people can leave
a message at the church anytime they are in need and we will try to get
them some food. So, if you would like to donate a bit extra this month to
the foodbank we would appreciate the support.

On top of that I would just say this, if you know of someone in town or in
your neighborhood who might be a bit behind this season or in need of some
help, why not reach out and send them a little hamper on your own. I’ve
even heard of some people cooking a little extra Christmas meal to share
with people who might be alone during the holidays. Just let your
generosity, creativity and care for the community flow. If you know of
someone who is in real need and you are just not able to help, would you
please let me know and I will try and connect them to some aid.

On December 5th we will have a special family come and share with us about
the work they will be doing overseas in the coming years. It’s been awhile
since we’ve seen them and so please come that Sunday ready to bless them.

Other than that, God bless you and have a great week!

Oh, one more thing. I plan on spending tomorrow morning in prayer and so if
there are any prayer requests that you would like me to bring to the Lord
please let me know!

Pastor Dave