The Pastor’s Garage November 29th, 2018

Hey y’all. Well my backyard rink is in working order. Someone was teasing
me and asked if I wanted to have a baby shower for the new baby as I have
been tending it day and night. Well it is a lot of fun and yes baby shower
gifts would be appreciated. And you are welcome to give it a try anytime.

In the last few days I have been journaling through 1 Peter chapter 4. Some
of those verse early on in the chapter are pretty sobering when it comes to
sin that we live with in our lives. One thing we can do as Christians when
we think about some of the sin we have in our lives is feel ashamed or feel
discouraged or feel disqualified. I think our response to sin in our lives
should be sober (and perhaps a bit somber). It grieves God so it should
grieve us. However, I think that what happens next is really important and
I don’t think we are meant to stay in that dark place for too long. After
grieving and after repenting we should turn to seeking out purity and
MOVING forward. 1 Peter 4:3 states “For you have spent enough time in the
past doing what pagans choose to do.” We’ve spent time doing some of those
things, now let’s move forward. Let’s get on with what God has for us. With
intention of heart we should humbly seek out purity, taking steps where we
can and seeking help where we can, all the while leaning on God.

This weekend we will begin the season of advent and I will be
preaching on *Adventage
#1: Hope* from Isaiah chapter 9 (typo is intentional). Please pray for me
and for the worship team.

A few other things to put on your radar for this season.

– Youth:
– Friday the 30th at 7:00pm: Cookie Run (check facebook for details).
– Friday Dec 7th at 7:00pm: Gym Night at HS gym.
– Saturday Dec 15th: Pond hockey/pond skating/year end party.
– Sunday Jan 6th: Sr. Youth (grades 10-12) at Regina Pat’s game.
– Kid’s Ministry:
– For a while I and a few others have been brainstorming a weekly
club or hangout for kids in grades 4-6. Nothing is set in stone but the
wheels are starting to turn. IF this is something you are even remotely
interested in helping with, please contact me.
– Christmas Season:
– December 16th: Family Celebration Service and Christmas Pot-luck
– December 23rd: Testimony Service
– December 24th at 7:00pm: Christmas Eve Service

Finally, as we approach the holiday season, find ways to remember and hold
dear as to why we have this season in the first place. I found a good
resource on Right Now Media that you may really like. Check it out: If you are not signed up
for Right Now Media, let me know, it’s totally free.

God bless,

Pastor Dave