The Pastor’s Garage November 8th, 2018

Well, my winter backyard project has begun. Working on a little skating
rink for the kids (and for me). Surely this is one of the quintessential
Canadian things to do? Depending on whether you like winter or not you
either think “that’s insane that we are able to do this” or “sweet.” Maybe
I should charge admission?

Did you know that God is working among us? Do you sense Him stirring your
heart? Do you see Him stirring other people’s hearts? Do you feel the same
way you did last year about our church and about God? Something is
happening. God is moving. God is opening doors and He is waiting for you
and I to say YES! 2 Chronicles 16:9, says “For the eyes of the Lord range
throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed
to him.” Our nature as people is to look for reasons to say NO to
opportunities. God is looking for willingness and for a YES. I believe God
is stirring in our community and is putting opportunities in front of us.
It’s time to say YES. We need not fear busyness nor fatigue nor awkwardness
– God has strength and grace in abundance!

This Sunday is Remembrance Day. We will be having a service here for those
choosing not to go to the service at the town hall that morning. Please
feel free to go to either service. I’ll be sharing on why Remembrance Day
is important as Christians and we will have a moment of silence at the end
of our service.

Shoe boxes are due this Sunday! Please have them to the church on Sunday so
that they can be transported to where they need to be on time.

This Saturday night at 7:00pm is Second Saturday. Please come and join us
for prayer.

Once again as always please continue to be in prayer for the church and for
our volunteers and leaders. We truly need to be on our knees if we want to
see the church continue to grow in strength and in health.

God bless,

Pastor Dave