The Pastor’s Garage September 13th, 2018

I can’t believe that I will be travelling next week. I am excited and
anxious all at once. Please be praying for me. I ask that you pray that God
would anoint me and use me to be a blessing and an encouragement to the
workers I will be seeing. Thank you to those who have decided to support
this trip.

This week we will be continuing to look at Ephesians and cover chapter 3.
Please read it ahead of time as well as check out the relevant videos in
this video series. A good follow up and review of what we have covered.

Whatever you do, please immerse yourselves in Ephesians!

(Again, if you don’t have an account let me know and I will send you a free

Please also hold the worship team in your prayers this weekend. Lisa and
her team will be leading us again. Also, don’t forget about the potluck
this Sunday and that kid’s church is starting up again. Exciting day! And a
great day to invite a friend or family!

God bless,

Pastor Dave