The Pastor’s Garage September 27th, 2019

So the heating and plumbing guys have invaded our house this week working
on installing the new furnace. It has been a little slower than we thought,
but that’s because they have had to remove and move some of the old water
lines in our place. We are happy the work is being done but it will be a
little while until the basement looks like normal again. Through the
process I have become an expert in removing ceiling tiles and their
staples. It will soon be time that we need the furnace, winter is already
on our doorstep, which is really hard for me to believe.

On Monday Pastor Mike and I will be attending a district grow day in Moose
Jaw. We will be taking in a day of training and fellowship with Pastor’s
from all across the district. I have the privilege of sharing a little bit
about my sabbatical and some of the things that I learned through the
process. Please pray that God would give me wisdom as I share.

For all those who are involved in Kid’s Church we will be sending out a
training post to you quite soon. Its about a 10 minute video to watch and a
short document to read aimed at getting all our workers on the same page
for this year of teaching. Keep a look out in you email over the next few

This Sunday I am preaching on Grace from Ephesians 2:1-10. Feel free to
read it ahead of time. My heart is that we come away with a fresh
perspective of God’s grace. Please pray for me and for Rachel Drinnan as
she leads us in worship.

It’s been a joy to see the kids program start up these last few weeks.
Please continue to pray for our teachers and leaders. We are planning on
starting up our youth program on October 11th, something Liz and I are
excited about.

Also coming this year is a discipleship plan for the whole church called
PLEDGE. There will be several options on how a person can do this, but we
really want to make it something that we have all gone through in the next
couple of years. More details to come.

I hope that you have a great week. God bless you all and thanks for being a
great church to pastor.

Pastor Dave