This Sunday and the Easter Season

So this Sunday I will begin a 4 part sermon series which will be my last 4
sermons preached in Grenfell (the end of April is going to come really

The series is simply called “The Gospel” and will be structured as follows:

April 2nd – “He Loves Me.”
April 9th – “I Have Sinned.”
April 16th – “He Died for Me”
April 23rd – “I Must Decide”

This would be a great series to invite a friend to and if you catch all
four I believe you will be better equipped to share the gospel with others.
And, it’s never a bad idea to hear the incredible message of the gospel and
let it reinvigorate your faith.

Also, April 7th is our good Friday service which will be very similar to
previous years. The church will be open from 9am to noon and you are
encouraged to come when it best suits you to work through our
“contemplative service” aimed to help us remember and celebrate our Lord’s
death for us.

April 9th is Easter and we’ll be celebrating in our typical fashion so
please make that a priority.

Finally, April 16th is another potluck Sunday… and which will likely be
my last, so lets make it a potluck to remember.

Have a great afternoon, hopefully spring will actually come at some