Upcoming Gathering Registration and Christmas Eve Services

Hi Everyone,

I’ve updated the gathering registration site for the next two Sunday’s, the
20th and the 27th. For now we won’t be holding any more Wednesday
Gatherings as very few seem to find this a good time to meet. If there is
another day or time in the week we can try, please let me know what might
work for you. If another time is suggested we will try it again in the New
Year. You can register for these two Sundays at our usual site:

It seems as if gmail was rejecting a number of emails this past week so I
am resending the following email again.

So as you may have noticed the Christmas Eve Service at 7:00pm on
December 24th is now full. *We have now opened up an additional service on
the 24th at 8:30pm.* You can register for that one or the one on the 23rd
(which only has 5 people registered so far) at the following link:


God bless,

Pastor Dave