Week of Prayer

Ok, so my cranium doesn’t work like she used too, I readily admit! On
Sunday I should have announced that this week there are meetings happening
every lunch for the World Week of Prayer for Christian Unity! My bad, I
apologize. If you are able to attend please do so. These kind of things
are actually kinda important. I copy and pasted the reminder that Tatum
placed on our Facebook page and it goes as follows:

Everyone is invited to attend the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity to be
held at Trinity Presbyterian Church over the noon hour from Jan 23-27.
Soups, coffee, and tea will be provided, but we ask you to bring your own
soup bowl, mug, sandwich, and cutlery. Lunch & fellowship will be held from
12:00-12:30 followed by a half hour service of reflection on the theme “Do
good, seek justice”

Our church is responsible for bringing soup on Tuesday. Please contact
Tatum if you can bring a pot.

Pastor Mike