A Call to Prayer for May 21st, 2021

Hi everyone,

We just finished men’s prayer and as I was getting up to leave I had this
thought. Let’s have a call to prayer tomorrow (May 21st, 2021) at 10:00am
and 2:00pm.

Please, whatever you are doing, whatever you are busy with please stop and
pray, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I’d like you to shoot to pray
for at least 15 mins, but whatever you do will be beautiful.

I’d like you to pray for 2 people.

– Marg Thompson (Martha Puffault’s daughter) who has recently had
surgery for cancer and will be starting chemo here very soon. Please pray
for God’s grace and healing touch.
– Linda Sens (Rhonda, Brad and Rick’s mother) who is currently in the
hospital on a ventilator and who has recently had her liver begin to fail.
She needs prayer for a miracle as she battles covid.

Just think, at 10 and 2 there will be a whole handful of us crying out to
God together!

God bless,

Pastor Dave