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*Pastor Mike’s Garage, July 28/2022*

Wow, it’s hard to believe July is almost done, August long is this weekend,
the days are getting noticeably shorter, the evenings are cooling off, fall
is in the air! At my age it’s absolutely scary how fast a summer goes
already, I can remember as a child they seemed endless! Here’s hoping
you’re getting some opportunity to refresh and recharge this summer!

This past week we ran two five-day clubs in town with about 8-10 kids in
each. We trust that some seeds were planted in their hearts that will bear
fruit for the rest of their lives! Thank you to those that helped out
bringing snacks! Springside ran their family camp last week and I have
heard from more than one person it went very well and God moved in people’s
lives! One weekend a summer my mother-in-law cordially invites all of her
children to come home and this is that weekend. We are spread out from
Winnipeg to Lethbridge so we don’t all get together very often over the
course of a year so it’s nice to spend some time with them! Dave Wicks Sr
will be sharing this Sunday in church and Rachel K will be leading so you
don’t want to miss that! The following weekend will be our church camping
weekend at Camp O’Neil from Friday to Sunday. There will be no Sunday
service here at the church in Grenfell. I would strongly encourage you to
come for whatever portion you can, it’s gonna be a good time of fellowship!
There is lots of space for campers and even a couple rooms still available.
While we would never turn anyone away could you please let me know, if you
haven’t already, if you have intentions of attending so we can plan meals
accordingly? I will post the poster on the church Facebook site again
today. Shauna has made a list of various food items that are needed for the
weekend, please have a look at that if you are able to help out contact her.

I just want to say that I am so proud of our church family. This past
weekend a mother of a young girl in our community passed away suddenly and
unexpectedly. They have no direct connection to our church but once some
heard about it, they organized meals for them and surrounded them will
love! I just want to say, your good people! You have good hearts for our
community. We have an enemy who works overtime to spread lies and distrust
about our intentions, and yes, at times we do bonehead things, but for the
most part your good people! Stay the course, fight the good fight!

Please pray for Pastor Dave and his family as they are on the road this
week on vacation. They’re good people too, some of the best! There are many
struggling with health concerns right now, as they come to mind would you
reach out to them with a call or text and uplift them in prayer!

Pastor Mike