The Pastor’s Garage August 3rd, 2022

Sunday afternoon we got back from some holidays and all I can say is that
we had a blast and definitely made some memories. I think all the kids
spent at least 16 hours in swimming pools and/or water slides over our
holiday. It’s almost like we couldn’t go by a pool without jumping in. It
is good to be home though… and since getting home the kids have hit the
pool here in Grenfell at least 3 times! I wonder if my kids like swimming?

This weekend there will be no service here in Grenfell. We are having our
church camping weekend out at Camp O’Neil on Round Lake and our Sunday
Service will be there. This means there will not be Facebook live service
either. I really encourage you to make an effort to join us for our camping
weekend or at least for the Sunday service out there. I’m anticipating it
being a very enjoyable time connecting with each other and with God. If you
have any questions about the weekend please contact myself or Pastor Mike.

Also, there will be no prayer this Saturday evening.

One evening on our holiday we were walking around the neighborhood my
sister lives in and being a people watcher I was in heaven. Liz kept
telling me not to stare but I couldn’t help myself. I felt like I was left
with a number of pictures in my mind that have kind of stuck.

One was a busy coffee shop or bar (maybe it was both) that had a bunch of
tables outside that was packed with people just sitting and talking.
Surprisingly, there were no cell-phones visible, people were just talking –
and I mean they were really engaged with each other, it was intense

The next was a group of 4 people who appeared to be Persian to me, sitting
at a viewpoint overlooking a big river valley, just enjoying the view and
each other’s presence. I couldn’t understand what they were saying but it
seemed really peaceful.

The third picture was of a bunch of families watching their kids play at a
park. A number of the families appeared to be immigrants, most likely from
Somalia. The kids were having an absolute blast – just enjoying the warm
summer evening. The parents seemed quite content to watch the kids.

The fourth image is of the aftermath of an electric scooter accident we
witnessed and helped assist with. Well, Liz assisted and I tried to clear a
path for the ambulance and tried to calm the woman’s partner who was
distraught over what he had just seen. I am pretty sure the woman will be
okay but she suffered a pretty major head injury and a broken wrist. The
image that stuck with me is of him looking into her eyes with concern, love
and care. If you want more of the story take me out for coffee.

It’s like I can close my eyes and see those four pictures like a painting
in my mind. I’m not totally sure why these things seem to stand out to me
so much. I mean I have been to cities before and I’ve definitely people
watched in other places. Maybe the accident we witnessed just made the
whole evening seem a bit surreal, but I also think God was speaking to me
about something. I’ve been thinking about all those people just living
their life. How many know Jesus? Chances are many of them don’t. Big
city… who is gonna reach them? Who is in their life?

But is Grenfell so different? Small town yah, but a bunch of people just
living life. Just doing what people do. How many know Jesus? How many have
someone in their life who can share the truth? How many people are we
praying for on a regular basis? In John 4:35 Jesus says,
“I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for

We need to open our eyes perhaps or ask God to help us see with fresh eyes.
I think I was able to see so clearly and it had such an impact on me
because it was all new and fresh. Sometimes we get blinded by familiarity.
Let’s ask God to give us fresh eyes!


Pastor Dave