Good Friday and Easter Weekend

Hello everyone,

This Friday is Good Friday which means this Sunday is Easter!

Traditionally we would be holding a Good Friday service, but this year we
felt it best to let people do something on their own or with their family.
We’ve got a couple options for you. One is a short devotional that you can
work through by yourself or with others. It is based on the contemplative
service we had a couple years ago. Feel free to print it off and work
through it at your convenience. It’s attached to this email.

The other option is to join a large number of people who will be tuning in
to the Good Friday Global Broadcast. You can find more info here: <>

This may or not be your thing, but it looks like it will be very
encouraging and it will be broadcast in many languages and to many
different countries (kinda cool to think Christians from all over the world
will be watching). Feel free to register for it, it’s free and was
recommended by ACOP head office.

God bless,

Pastor Dave