Greeter’s Needed!

A message from our Hospitality Coordinator (that has a nice ring to it!).


Hello everyone,

I’m looking for NEW greeters to come forward for the month of March!



If you haven’t already volunteered your time to be a greeter at church
maybe it’s time to give it a go? Bless everyone with a warm welcome as they
come into our church!

I don’t know everyone in church by name, I have noticed some new faces for
sure but my name is Margaret Phillips and I’m arranging greeters for each
Sunday. This is something that is important to me and I feel it does make a
difference, I’m happy to do this for our church but that also involves you,
our wonderful church members to come forward as well. I have definitely had
difficulty finding greeters with low numbers in church due to winter colds
and whatnot so please don’t volunteer if you are unwell of course, I know
my little boys brought colds home from daycare and we’ve had quite a few
weeks unable to attend but are better now 🙂 I hope everyone is staying
healthy and warm.

Can’t wait to chat with you and if you have any questions please don’t
hesitate 🙂

My contact info is below, or 306 605 7284

Take care,