The Pastor’s Garage February 24th, 2022

Hi everyone,

This past Sunday we had our annual meeting. I know many who wanted to be
here, for one reason or another, were unable to attend, so I thought that I
would give you some highlights from the meeting and from the report. There
are several copies of the report here at the church, so please let me know
if you’d like one and I will get it to you.

Hight-Lights From the Meeting:

– From the Pastor’s Report: “I would hope people remember our
generosity. Despite the financial challenges and squeezing of covid, our
people have given generously – time and time again!” I wrote that and it
can’t be more than true. Our financial statement from the meeting shows
that after all was said and done in 2021, we were less than 1000 dollars
under-budget for the whole year! To me that is amazing! Our church gave
over 150,000 dollars in 2021. Praise God! Please keep being generous.
– From the Associate Pastor’s Report: “God is still good! He is still on
the throne! He is still faithful! He is still changing lives and drawing
people to Him!” Pastor Mike wrote that and I totally agree. God is doing
amazing things all around us. Things are not going to look the same as they
always did, but I believe God has a plan for our future!
– From the Elder’s Report: “God has been faithful to this church for
many years and we pray that through Him, we will be a light and refuge for
the lost we see around us.” Garth and Waylon wrote that and I think this is
who we are and who we ought to strive to be more of – a light and a refuge.
The world is in chaos – people need Jesus and we have been given the task
of sharing Him with the world!
– Amber Osiowy wrote this for the Board Report: “Let’s continue to hold
our upcoming Board in prayer in the new year as they make plans and
decisions for our church.” Guys, please… pray. Pray for me, pray for the
church and pray for the Board. I think we are going to need wisdom. The
challenges are going to continue!
– From the Sunday School Report: “We had a fantastic group of
volunteers.” I picked that because I wanted to say a special thank you to
the volunteers. Guys, thank you so much for giving to our kids!
– Our church budget for 2021 shows a deficit of $877. This is absolutely
incredible and a credit to God’s incredible faithfulness.
– This year we will continue to give a significant amount to missions.
Ron and Sherri Lapka will no longer be supported by the church, and in
their place we have decided to support another family who is going to the
unreached. You can contact me for more details or pick up a copy of the
– Garth and Waylon will continue to be our elders and our newest board
members are Derek Birks, Tatum Duryba and Jeffrey Phillips. Thank you for
answering the call to service!

This Sunday I will be preaching from 1 Peter 1:3-10 and on our
responsibility to take care of our own selves rather than getting too
caught up in what is going on around us and that when we take care of
ourselves there is a good chance that the things around us will begin to
change. Please pray for me and for the worship team.

Margaret is still looking for greeters for March 6th and 27th. If you would
like to help out, please get in touch with her.

I’ve had a few people say that they wanted to join me on discipleship
training on Sunday mornings from 9-10. If you are interested, would you
please let me know. I am planning on starting it March 6th.

Well it feels a little strange to be writing an email as Russia invades
Ukraine. Our world is chaotic and broken – and there is nowhere else to
turn but Jesus. My dear friends turn your eyes upon Jesus and pray for
those who are suffering.

Blessings and have a great weekend,

Pastor Dave