November 19th, 2020 Update

Please watch this video for an important update regarding Covid-19

This update refers to a number of important changes our government has made
regarding masks and gathering sizes which can be found here:

Gatherings size link.

Mask policy link.

As I referenced in the video here is our Transformation Declaration. If
this is new to you it is a set of statements that we have been using to
steer our church through these uncertain times. I would argue that no
regulation inhibits me from being involved in and focusing on these ideals.

Transformation Declaration:

At Grenfell Apostolic we will:

Focus on Christ not Christian Living

Knowing the person of Christ and being transformed from the inside
out will take focus over rules and guidelines for good christian living.

Focus on Discipleship not Leadership

Disciplers are likely good leaders and disciples need leadership but
leaders don’t necessarily disciple and leadership principles are not
synonymous with discipleship ones.

Focus on Spirit not Smarts

We need the Holy Spirit and a move of God more than we need a great
program or really good ideas to usher in God’s kingdom (these ideas

Focus on Intimacy not Impact

For too long we have looked at numbers and how many people we got in
the door instead of how deep and meaningful our relationships are.

Focus on Gospel not Growth

Our job is to plant the seed, not make it grow!

God bless,

Pastor Dave