Pastor Mike’s Garage November 18, 2021

Hi everyone, so before I present you with Pastor Mike’s Garage, here is a
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I’m looking for 2 greeters for these dates…

November 21st and November 28th
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*Pastor Mike’s Garage-Nov 18/2021*

“*I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”
Psalm 119:11*

I’ve heard it said, children are great recorders of history, but poor
interpreters of history! Their minds are absolute sponges, taking in every
nuance of what goes on around them, locking instantly on every word spoken,
especially when you mutter something you probably shouldn’t! But they often
lack the context and understanding to process what they are seeing and
hearing in order to form an accurate picture of their surroundings. I
believe this too be true because I can still remember conversations,
statements, and events from my childhood in great detail, but now that I
have an adult mind and understanding I definitely have some questions about
what I saw and heard!

Some of the ole timers in our congregation may remember Jacob and Erma
Schoepp. They were good friends of my parents, Erma being my mother’s first
cousin. Jacob’s first wife died leaving him with two young children when he
met and married Erma. He was forty-eight, she was twenty-four, and they
went on to have ten more children making it a total of twelve! I am not
half the man Jacob Schoepp was, having only one at forty-five and feeling
like I can’t keep up half the time! It was at Jacob’s funeral that one of
his son’s shared a memory from his childhood about his father. It was fall
of the year and the crops were out in the field ready to harvest. There was
a nasty storm rolling across the horizon and his son came around the house
to find Jacob on his knee’s asking the Lord to protect his crops so he
could provide for his family. He stated that seeing the practical way his
father relied upon the God’s protection and provision left a profound
impact on his life and helped him desire a life relying on God as well.

I was thinking about some of my formative memories lately and I was
convicted about what kind of memories I am forming for Ben. As
aforementioned I am getting up in years to be having a five-year-old, my
wife definitely being the spry spring chicken parent in our household! I’ll
be honest, by the end of the day I’m usually pretty tuckered out so by the
time its Ben’s bedtime at nine I am usually firmly planted in my easy chair
with my feet up in front of the TV numbing my brain from the day! As I
thought about these formative years for Ben’s memory, I decided to make it
a priority to spend a few minutes every night with him just before bed
reading a bible story. Now I know this was no Herculean feat of
self-sacrifice to do this, but to be honest I struggled making it a
priority. I will tell you this though, having done it faithfully for a few
weeks now, I wouldn’t trade those few precious moments with him snuggling
up, leaning on my arm soaking up every word, for all the couch time in the

I will end by encouraging and challenging you with this question, what
kind of things are we hiding in the hearts of our children for the days to

Pastor Mike