Pastors Garage

*Pastor Mike’s Garage*

Well it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go!
There’s just something magical about the first flakes that fall! I can
still remember as a child looking out the window very excited to see the
first snowflakes of the season! I would jump up and down yelling “snow,
snow”! My father would be grumbling in the background! Myself and Ben
pretty much rein-acted that scenario this morning!

I want to begin this pastor’s garage by issuing a formal apology to anyone
I may have wounded or offended by my sermon last Sunday. Even the title, I
realize now, was in poor taste. I in no way think or believe that women are
in any way the problem, or a problem in the church. I very much appreciate
and see the value and essential role that women do play in the church. If I
conveyed that I believe, or that the bible teaches that women are in any
way less than equal in their value, that was not my intention, nor my
belief, nor do I believe the bible teaches that in any way. If some of my
remarks during the course of my sermon, which I had intended to be
lighthearted and humorous, were taken to be berating, or sexist, please
know that was not my intention, and I did not intend in any way to belittle
or berate women. I’m sorry if I hurt you, please accept my apology!

This Sunday we will be having a thanksgiving themed sharing service. Please
bring a sample of something that you have put your hand too over the course
of the last year as an example of sharing how God has provided and blessed!
Maybe a jar of grain, maybe something from your garden, maybe a craft or
something from your family or place of work. Please come prepared with a
testimony of thanks for what the Lord has done in your life! Would you also
bring a food item to donate to the food bank? Rachel Drinnan will be
leading us in worship. Please keep the next few weeks on your radar! On
Oct 15 we will be having someone from the Teen Challenge women’s centre
coming to share with us, and it will be a potluck Sunday. The following
Sunday a team will be coming from the Regina Ap to take the service, Clint
Taylor will be sharing and they will also lead the worship time.

Blessing, Pastor Mike