Pastor’s Garage

*Pastors Garage- Oct 27/2023*

Well, like it or not, she looks a tad like winter out there! About a month
ago I had made a list of nine things that came into my mind with an anxious
flurry in the middle of the night that needed to be done before winter.
They are on my desk at the church, just took a look at them, well I managed
to cross one thing off in that month! Now none of them are life and death,
but they are all things that sure would have been nice to get done before
the snow flies! I am sure you are all more organized and on your game, but
if there’s anyone out there who can relate, I feel your pain. This year it
just feels like I have been running from one thing to another, never
seeming to catch up, or get ahead!

It’s not that I have not been getting anything done, it just seems like the
list of things to do just seems to grow faster than my ability to
accomplish! It seems like I am constantly being pulled in a thousand
directions at the same time. In seasons like this it is easy to become
overwhelmed and lose focus. What actually is essential that needs to be
done? What is truly important? What has eternal implications? In the midst
of this season of running around like a chicken with its head cut
off(sorry, farm boy reference, trust me though, it’s pretty applicable),
the question that haunts me is “Am I giving God the leftovers?” I have my
own dreams, goals and desires, there are many worthwhile causes that need
help, and then the other tasks that are imposed. What does it mean to call
Him Lord when I’m so busy or tired that I don’t even ask Him what He would
have me do?

Yesterday I received a phone call from Taiwo Afolabi, the gentleman from
the Ap in Regina who shared on Sunday. Now I will admit, I missed most of
his message as I was downstairs preparing the meal for the team of 18 from
Regina that ministered both here and Jacob Bear, but the little bit that I
did hear was pretty bang on! I have heard from others that they also were
encouraged and challenged by his message. He phoned me to tell me that our
church had been on his heart all week and he felt that the night before he
had received a specific word from the Lord for our church and asked if he
could send that to me. Of course I agreed and after reading it I thought it
would be good to pass it on in this PG.

Good afternoon Pastor Mike,

As discussed on the phone, I’ve included for you below the word from the
Lord. I have shared them with Pastor Danny, who encouraged me to share them
with you. Please pray about it and trust the Holy Spirit to direct you.


After spending time at the church on Sunday, I felt God put a burden for
Grenfell Apostolic Church on my heart. I started praying, and I sensed the
Lord speaking these words to my heart concerning GAC at this time and to
communicate it across:

*Three points:*

1. There is a revival coming in GAC, and God’s people need to align because
everyone has a role to play in this revival.

2. God is likening the spiritual state of GAC at this time to that of the
Church of Laodicea — neither cold nor hot (indifferent and apathetic). God
wants His people to repent and regain their passion for God. He is calling
His people to be refreshed and receive a renewed power of the gospel.
(Revelation 3:14-22)

3. God is calling GAC to “Awake from your slumber”– the time has come to
break through and break forth. Arise and shine; awake and be alert. God’s
instruction to ‘awake’ and ‘arise’ is because He wants the church to wake
up from slumber and rise up to shine forth His glory. (Isaiah 60:1-2)

*Practical steps: *Like the people of Nineveh, I wonder if a solemn
assembly can be called and declare a time of waiting (fast) before the
Lord. What God is calling GAC into is not a one-time thing, however, the
process of coming together to pray and hear the word of God and rend their
hearts will be the beginning of the awakening. (Jonah 3:5-8)

God’s blessings.

Best regards,


Well, what do you think? His words resonated with what I have been feeling
in my heart as well. We are a pretty distracted, busy, and because of that,
tired people! Are we calling upon the Lord? Are we waiting on the Lord? I
won’t lie to you, in this season of giving some leadership to our church I
have felt pretty ineffectual in moving us toward what I feel we need to be
as a church. I was discussing this with BreAnn this morning and she
reminded me that a true move of God isn’t up to me anyway. All I can do is
open the door for Him to move. So that’s what I’m going to do! Literally!
Open the door! This Saturday, as in tomorrow, I will be at the church at
7pm to open the door for anyone wishing to wait and call on the Lord. There
will be no structure, no one in charge, just God’s people seeking His face
and hoping to hear a word from Him! If you feel the same tug, urgency,
nagging feeling, or burden that things aren’t as they were designed to be,
would you come join me?

Now I realize that there are several people who will be getting this email
that are not local and able to attend. Would you say a prayer for us as a
church? Would you contemplate your own walk with the Lord, and ask Him if
you might need a tune up as well? In closing I am putting a YouTube link of
a song by All Sons and Daughters called Wake Up that BreAnn was listening
to in our house this morning that I think is pretty applicable.

This Sunday Lowell Oshowy will be sharing his testimony in our morning
service at 10:30, please come and join us for that!

Pastor Mike