Pastors Garage

*Pastor Mikes Garage-Nov 16/2023*

Well it’s starting to look a little more like winter….again…..! What a
weather yo-yo this fall has been! I apologize for not sending out a PG last
week. We were actually away out west hunting mule deer. Now before you all
ask, three out of the four of us got a deer. Myself, BreAnn, her dad and
brother were in our party and once again I was the one who will be eating
tag soup this winter. I did get to burn an insane amount of gas, see some
new country, and officially acquire the largest blisters my heels have ever
had in my life! I’m sure thankful Bre agreed to marry me because our family
would likely starve without her hunting abilities!

I’ll let you in on a little bit of a secret, I am a bit of a micro manager!
Middle of last week I was stressing about how I hadn’t lined anything up
for while I was gone, but I just felt a peace in my spirit to let it go, so
I didn’t line anything up, other than the guest speaker. I understand
everything went well in my absence so good job! Apparently the world will
not implode, imminently at least, upon my departure!

For this PG I just want to highlight what will be going on in our church
community this coming weekend and for the weeks to come.

During this season of pastoral transition I thought it a good idea to try
and equip those primarily involved in that process. We are having a
leadership retreat for our board members, elders, search committee members,
worship leaders, and their spouses at circle square ranch from Friday
evening to Saturday evening. It is designed to be a time of growing
together in our faith, community, and hopefully will give us some strategy
to help us make this transition well as a church family. Jordan and
Chantelle Gadsby, our ACOP area directors, will be joining us to help
facilitate that.

This Sunday Sean Stevenson-Douglas, the president of Eston College, will be
joining us for our Sunday morning service to share his heart for the
college and biblical training. I have known Sean for a long time, and this
is a man I deeply respect and admire! Please make every effort to join us!
Here is a link to a promo video for the college to wet your appetite!

It is also our potluck Sunday as well, so please plan for that! Invite a
friend! While Sean will be presenting the message that morning, after the
potluck there also will be an opportunity for anyone who would have
questions for Sean about the college or how we can be involved.

On Sunday Nov 26 Sheila Warne-Peters will be sharing with us a message that
the Lord has put on her heart for our church during this season, so you
don’t want to miss that!

That following Saturday, Dec 2, there will be a Family Life Canada Together
for Good marriage workshop. It is being held at the Legacy Inn and includes
a catered meal and snacks for only $50 per couple! Bre and I have done this
workshop twice and are looking forward to it again as it is good stuff!
Would you please consider joining us for this? For more info or to register
please contact Janelle Oshowy or myself.

On Saturday Dec 16 at 6pm we will be having a Christmas banquet and concert
here at the church featuring Curtis and Bonnie Szakacs and their 3000 kids
who all sing and play instruments in an amazing fashion! If you have not
heard them before you are in for a treat! If you have, you know what I’m
talking about! Spread the word! In a desire to bless as many people as
possible there is no set admission for this event, just a free will
offering. It is the season to celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
and share the hope, peace, joy, meaning, and purpose that can be found in
knowing Him! Please use this event to invite as many as possible to hear
what Jesus can do for them!

Thus ends my barrage of announcements! Please come worship the King with us
this Sunday during our service at 10:30. It’s not that you can’t worship or
meet Him anywhere else, but I do believe there is something powerful that
happens when His people meet in community and call out to Him! It’s just
not the same when you’re not there! Please keep us in prayer as we head out
to Circle Square Ranch tomorrow, that God would refresh and move powerfully
in our leadership! Spend some time praying for our Sunday morning service
ahead of time! It makes a difference!

Pastor Mike