Pastors Garage

Pastor’s Garage-May 4/2023

Well, I won’t lie to you, as I sit down to write this PG, it was a bit weird to think that there was no point in titling it Pastor Mike’s Garage as I may be the only one writing them for a bit! We are going into a season of transition as a local church body, that is for sure. While I am a bit nervous, I am also encouraged at the number of people that have contacted me as of late offering to take care of different aspects of our church functions, or with new ideas that they themselves would like to work on or implement!

Even though I did do a bit of a “State of the Union” address this past Sunday on how we are navigating the coming months ahead, and there have been some posts to that effect on our Facebook site, I thought it might be a good idea just to go over some of that here as well. As most of you know, with the Wick’s family leaving, and with Judy Jolly stepping down as our beloved long-time church secretary, there are definitely some large shoes to fill! While I will still be as involved as ever, I in no way intend ,nor feel capable or called, to be all things to all men, and try and do everything that they were doing plus my role. As mentioned, there have been several people who have volunteered to take on some new roles, and some of you will be asked in the days ahead if you would be willing to help out in various areas. For the coming months ahead, while we are in this season of transition, we will be going into a bit of a “summer mode”, making sure the most important things still carry on, and the bills get paid, while some of the less urgent or important areas may slow down for a bit.

As far as Sunday morning services we will be going into a bit of four week rhythm. One Sunday a month I will be speaking, another we will have a guest speaker, another will be a more interactive service with the possibility of more time for testimonies or prayer, and one other Sunday I will be looking for someone from within our local church to give the sermon. In the month ahead I will be sharing this Sunday, the following week will be our interactive service and it will be tailored around mother’s day. I will be talking a bit more about that in next week’s PG. The following Sunday Lorne Bonk will be coming to share with us, and the final Sunday this month Neil Theisen has agreed to share.

There are a few upcoming events I want to highlight. This Friday evening Springside Apostolic Bible Camp will be doing a fundraising banquet and auction at the Legacy Inn here in Grenfell, doors open at 6. The following Friday evening we will be having the farewell dessert night here at the church for the Wicks family at 7:30. If you have something special you would like to share that night, please let me know. I am excited to announce that we will be having our Church Family camping weekend once again this year and it will be at Camp Monahan on Katepawa Lake June 16-18. There is a beautiful area to bring and park your RV or there are a number of cabins available. Danny Delong, who was a missionary to Turkey, worked with Apostolic Youth Ministries(now called United Youth Outreach) for many years and is currently on staff with the AP in Regina, will be our guest speaker! Please try to make attending this weekend a priority, it is usually really good for our church family!

Finally, as I think about what I believe God has asked me to challenge you with for this season as a church body, and have been preparing for this Sunday’s message, would you be willing to read a couple passages and ponder them. I’d like you to read Romans 12:1-8, and Philippians 2:1-11 at least once a day and to spend a few moments asking God what their implications are for us as a church. How do we view ourselves? How do we view those outside our body? What is our role in this geographical area? How are we called to act, look, and function?

Pastor Mike