Pastors Garage

Just thought I would write a short note in regards to this Sunday’s
service. Initially we had lined up Tiawo Afolabo to come share with us
again, He had come with a team from the Regina Ap early last fall and many
told me they really appreciated what he had to say. When Danny Delong
asked me a few weeks ago if we were interested in them bringing along
someone again to take a service while they were one their way to minister
at Jacob Bear I had asked if Taiwo would be willing to come again.
Initially the plan was for him to share but things had to get switched a
bit. There will be someone else coming from the Ap to share instead.

I just wanted to remind you that it is potluck Sunday. I had offered to
Danny that we could probably feed their team when they got back from Jacob
Bear to pick up those they left with us. If there would be a couple
people willing to make a bit extra for those that will be on the Regina
team and set it aside from the other potluck stuff I would really appreciate
it. They usually get back to Grenfell from JB around one. There will be
four in the team and if those who are willing to do that would contact me
directly then I will know their meal is taken care of.

Take care, c u on Sunday!
Pastor Mike