Pastors Garage

*Pastor’s Garage-May 9, 2024*

Well I hope you’re taking advantage of some beautiful weather out there!
The trees are starting to green and my grass, or should I say weeds are
definitely growing!

Just thought I’d send out a bit of a note letting you know what’s going on
in church this Sunday. Last week’s service proved to be a little bit too
full so a couple videos got bumped to this week. We will be watching a
short video on ACOP missions sent to us by Jerry and Brenda, and then also
a video sent to us by one of the missionaries that we support as a church
serving in an at risk area so I will not mention their names here!

It will also be a day that we honour our mothers, and those that are
mothers at heart, with song and dance…..Ok, well maybe with a couple
testimonies and a poem…..

BreAnn and myself will be off to Surrey BC this coming Monday to Thursday
for the ACOP biannual national conference. I’m not sure who plans these
things right in the middle of seeding time, but we’re gonna have a chat!

Take care out there, buy your mom a flower, enjoy the weather!

Pastor Mike