Pastors Garage

*Pastor’s Garage May 2, 2024*

Well the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the grass is greening, the
wood-ticks/ mosquitoes are out, and I’m feeling way way behind all that I
need to get done…..yup, it must be spring!

As I look at the list before me of all that I should accomplish this spring
I can get easily overwhelmed, not to mention seeing all those tractors in
the field sets my eye to twitch when I think of all that I still have to do
prior to any chance of getting some seed in the ground on my ponderosa! And
yet it always seems to get done in its time despite my stress. I am
reminded of the verse at the end of Matthew 6 when Jesus is giving
instruction about worrying about the things of this world where he says “So
don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries.
Today’s trouble is enough for today.” I am constantly woken up in the
middle of the night and tempted to start stewing over all the problems in
my world that I can’t possibly do anything about at that hour of the day

This Sunday will be a day full of videos during our service. As I have
mentioned, through no real planning of my own, there has been a real
emphasis on missions for the last month starting with a Zoom call with Ron
& Veronica Esau on April 7 which I found very inspiring. On April 21 we had
Anthony and Rob from Children’s Camps International share a very inspiring
message about who our master is! On April 28 Christoff Koebel with
Operation Mobilization was with us sharing how serving God is risky
business! Well in keeping with the theme, this Sunday we will be having
another zoom connection with another family of missionaries we support as a
church, Dave and Erin Schellenberg! But as if that wasn’t exciting enough,
we have no less than three short prerecorded messages from others that we
have connection with as a church who wanted to let us know what they have
been up to! Please come join us!


Pastor Mike