Pastors Garage

*Pastors Garage April 25/2024*

Well, well, I can’t even start this PG off talking about snow! Even though
I kind of did! What a beautiful day out there. The grass is growing, the
birds are chirping, and the wood ticks are crawling! Anybody interested in
helping me take down some fence line next week? I can guarantee you the
last mentioned experience!

Something really stood out to me as I was reading my bible this morning. My
“read the bible in a year” plan had me reading Acts 3. It’s a story which I
am sure is familiar to most of you about when Peter and John were in the
temple and a man who was lame from birth asked them for some loose change.
Their response I am sure you know already, “I don’t have any silver or gold
for you. But I’ll give you what I have. In the name of Jesus Christ the
Nazarene, get up and walk.”Act 3:6NLT I like how the New Living Translation
words that verse. It doesn’t actually say that they didn’t have any money
at all, but rather none for him. But then Paul goes on to say, but I’ll
give you what I do have! The reality is, while he would have gladly taken
some cash, the guy’s biggest need wasn’t money, it was healing! Money would
have helped him for a few hours, healing changed his life! Remember he was
lame from birth. As we interact with those around us, who may even be
asking of us something that would help them out for a bit, are we
spiritually aware of their real need and how we also have that to offer

Ironically though, while I think that is pretty profound to me at least,
that wasn’t what stood out to me this morning. It was a little down the
page when after being healed the man was hanging on Peter and causing a big
commotion in the temple, remember that he had been their likely begging for
loose change all of his life and everyone their would know him and be
absolutely be shocked to see him walking and jumping, that verse 12 starts
off like this, “Peter saw his opportunity and addressed the crowd.” The
words Peter saw his opportunity jumped off the page to me. Are we looking
for opportunities to use the things God has already done in our lives to
share the hope and healing that can be found in turning to Him? He’s not
asking us to embellish the truth, or amplify the occasion of his move, but
we should be looking as people see Him move for opportunities to share the
hope that we have found in Him!

This Sunday Christoff Koebel with Operation Mobilization will be joining us
to share about OM. I met up with him for a coffee earlier this year, and I
think you’re gonna be in for a treat. He’s a bit of a firecracker!


Pastor Mike