Pastor’s Garage April 4th, 2019

Hey everyone. So the spring slowly seems to be finding its way into our
reality. Slowly… but surely! I am looking forward to getting out on my
dirtbike soon, so please pray that the warm weather keeps on coming. I
can’t wait to get out there and send it.

A couple things I wanted you to be aware of for the next few weeks. On Good
Friday we will have another contemplative service. Come to the church
anytime between 9:00 am and noon. Stay as long as or as little as you want.
We will have a number of stations for you to journey through to the cross.

On the 21st we will celebrate Easter Sunday together. We will have balloons
to release again to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. We’ll also have
potluck for those who want to join us. I encourage you to invite a friend
or neighbour who might be without family this weekend.

Next Sunday my father Dave Wicks Sr. will be speaking and we will have a
bit of a commissioning service for Pastor Mike. We will have a time of
prayer over him and BreAnn. We are so happy to have them serve alongside us
here in Grenfell Apostolic.

I would like to encourage you to keep filling the prayer table. Here’s
where we are at so far! We are getting close! We’ll celebrate somehow when
it’s done.

[image: 20190405_095807.jpg]

This Sunday I’ll be preaching on the Temptation of Christ from Luke. It’s
really a fascinating story and I think God has something to say to us this
weekend. Please pray for the service and please pray for me as I prepare
over the next couple of days.

Oh and if any of these belong to you please take them home, they are
getting lonely.

[image: 20190404_145415.jpg]

God bless,

Pastor Dave