Pastor’s Garage February 28th, 2020

Hudson Taylor, a pioneering missionary, said “Should we not do well,
rather, to suspend our present operations and give ourselves to humiliation
and prayer for nothing less than to be filled with the Spirit, and made
channels through which He shall work with resistless power? Souls are
perishing now for lack of this power…”

Wow. Doesn’t that stir something within you? I heard this quote while
listening to Doug Small from the following video. Can I ask that you watch
this and listen and let it stir your heart. It is a good word. As I was
watching it today I was compelled to spend some time in the
sanctuary seeking God.

That’s all I want you to hear today. If you know of someone who isn’t tech
savvy and may not have the capacity to watch this have them over and watch
it with them.

One more thing I guess, if you are interested in starting a small group to
study and read the bible together please let me know and we will talk.


Pastor Dave