Pastor’s Garage July 11th, 2019

I trust you are enjoying the warmth of summer!

For the last week I have been reading Romans 12 every day and have been amazed how something different jumps out at me every day. Yesterday morning as I was reading it the sentence at the beginning of verse 9 stuck out, “Let love be genuine.” I pondered it for quite awhile. What did Paul mean by that? Why did he feel he needed to say it as a separate sentence? Could it mean that sometimes our love is not genuine? Is it fake at times? Forced? Out of fear, manipulation, obligation, a religious spirit? Then it crossed my mind how the company Levi’s uses the word genuine to describe their jeans(they were the initial inventor of jeans!) Was Paul talking about the fact that as God was the inventor of love, we must tap into Him to ever truly love! Then a famous quote came to mind “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving!”

Please keep Pastor Dave, Liz and their kids in your prayers as they are away right now visiting Liz’s parents. Please keep local bible camps such as Springside Apostolic Bible Camp and Circle Square Ranch in your prayers as various camps are happening right now. A group of guys went up to SABC on Tuesday to do a bit more work on the facilities. []
There’s something to be said about “sweatquity”, when your pour a bit of time and energy into something worthwhile, it always comes at a sacrifice but feels good and tends to change perspective. Please pray for our service on Sunday, Pastor Dave Sr. will be sharing and Rachel D leading worship.

Keep it real, keep it honorable!
Associate Pastor Mike Zorn

Ps. as we will be away at Camp and Judy has other commitments the church office will be closed next Tues morning.