Pastor’s Garage July 4th, 2019

Happy 4th of July to all the Mericans out there. It’s definitely a
beautiful 4th of July! Liz and I will be leaving for holidays on July 10th,
so that is really coming up quick. We are looking forward to being with her
family and friends. It’s hard to believe that we have not been back there
as a family since Scarlette was like 7 months old or something – the visit
is long overdue.

We will arrive back in town on the 30th of July. Following a day or two in
the office I will go into a season of sabbatical for the month of August.
This means I will not be fulfilling my regular pastoral duties. My goals
for this time are to be refreshed and rejuvenated as I spend time with God
and in the word and in study. I plan on spending some time at a retreat
center and and in solitude. There are a handful of books I am looking
forward to reading as well. Would you please pray for me that I would hear
clearly from God and that I would be supernaturally refreshed! I pray that
as God does this work in me that I would be able to bring back something
powerful for the future of our church.

Please pray for the service this weekend as I share from Acts 12:1-19 on
“Jailbreak.” Please pray for Pastor Mike and his team as he leads worship.

I pray that you have a blessed weekend.

Pastor Dave