Pastors Garage July 28th, 2019

Well I hope your not melting as the summer is heating up. It gets pretty toasty in our upstairs bedroom in a 110 year old house! This week I will be sharing in church about a “giant” I have battled in my life for many years in regards to feeling worthy or called to serve God. Would you consider joining us this Sunday at 10:30? In preparation for that I am including a link to a couple videos on youtube that I’d like you to watch when you have a moment. One is of a song that we sung at camp that was new to me and really touched me. OK, sappy alert!!! Maybe it’s that the boy in the video looks a bit like Ben, but I have yet to watch the video and not start crying! The other video is the background to why the song was written and a bit of the little boys story! Please continue to pray for the Wicks family this summer, that they would be safe and return rejuvenated! Pray for Rachel Kardash as she leads worship once again this Sunday.

Keep it cool!
Pastor Mike

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