Pastors Garage Aug 1st, 2019

Well here we are in August! I won’t lie to you, as I sit down to write this I feel scattered and am having trouble organizing my thoughts! Maybe its the heat! Maybe its a ptsd throwback to my elementary/high school years, but once we get into August I always feel like winter is on the doorstep! I had the privilege to run up to the city Tues eve and bring back the Wicks family from the airport! It was good to see them again, I didn’t realize how much I missed them! Maybe this comes with age, but as I grow older I’ve noticed that I appreciate schedule and order more and more. Constant change never used to bother me, but lately I just “feel better” when friends and family are around and there isn’t a great amount of upheaval in my day to day schedule! August is usually the month of preparation, whether it be getting ready for school or a new fall schedule. How do you feel you are doing spiritually? There are a thousand things that can distract us daily, which can seemingly double in the summer months. Could I encourage you to make prayer, reading Gods word, and fellowship with believers a priority and incorporate them in your daily schedule even when other schedules are disrupted in the summer months!

This Sunday we have a special treat as we have one of our elders (Garth Cole) sharing a bit of his personal journey and his heart for what he see’s as the direction that God is leading us as a body! I am looking forward to it! Neil Theisen will be sharing his heart as well on Aug 18!

Keep your ducks in a row!

Pastor Mike