Pastor’s Garage November 4th, 2021

Ok, other than to say this, I am not going to mention anything remotely
connected to Covid. Ok… can I do it… yes! I figured for this week I
would just let you know how things are going for me and my family and talk
about “everyday” stuff.

We are doing pretty good. The kids are all back into school (at least we
think so, they may say otherwise). Hockey has begun for the boys and they
are loving it. We are very thankful for the coaches they have this year;
all three of them have really good coaches. Our little gymnast is taking
gymnastics this year and couldn’t be more excited about that. She has been
cartwheeling through the house non-stop. One handed, two handed, into a
somersault, into the couch, into the wall, over the cat, whatever.

The boys have finally wound down their window washing these last few weeks.
Between the weather, school starting and hockey, it has moved to the
bottom of the priority list. Liz is doing an amazing job helping the kids
with distance education/homeschooling. For now this still feels like the
best choice for our family and the kids have really taken a liking to it
(again they may say otherwise). They all have really good teachers and are
enjoying things as much as school can be enjoyed. Judah actually has a
class on 3D printing which is pretty fun for me because that is something I
am really into. Peter struggles with reading, but blasts through math.
Mason is Mr. Geterdone and if there is a checkmark next to the to do list –
IT IS DONE! Judah loves to get things just right and Scarlette does
everything with an artistic pink and purple flair.

We are all missing Liz’s family (especially Liz) and are wondering when we
will get to see them again. It’s just not as simple as it used to be. They
are doing well and we get frequent updates on all things stateside. While
we are thankful for online stuff, it’s just not the same. My parents are
doing pretty good, although my mom is still trying to figure out a
new-normal post having her thyroid removed.

I am feeling the desire to do some kind of training or personal development
as a pastor and have been looking for ways to develop and grow. I’ve been
looking into a couple of options for continuing studies as a pastor but
nothing has presented itself that really sparks my interest. Exercising
regularly has helped to keep me sane and energized and I have found myself
more and more into lifting weights. I have also found myself reading more
fiction these days, partly because I enjoy a good story, but partly because
it seems to help me sleep better.

We ended up selling our old truck and getting a little SUV that can seat 7.
We really wanted a truck but couldn’t find anything that would suit us and
that was reasonably priced. We needed a second vehicle that was winter

It’s also that time of year to start setting up our backyard rink so if you
notice your water pressure dropping it might be Wick’s Garden flooding the

Other than that I can’t think of anything noteworthy or exciting to share
with you. I’d love to hear how you are doing. Know that you are all dear to
our hearts and that we love our wider church family!

God bless,

Pastor Dave