The Pastor’s Garage November 12th, 2021 – Greeters are back!

I hope that you were able to spend some time yesterday remembering our
veterans and what they gave their lives to. What a thing so many young men
had to experience.

This Sunday our family will be serving out at Jacob Bear Community Church.
Please pray for me as I preach and as Liz and I lead the worship.
Pastor Mike will be doing double duty here, so please pray for and uphold

I’ve got an exciting message to share with you from Margaret Phillips. She
has graciously volunteered to coordinate greeters again. Please read her
message below and please jump in to help her out. Other than that, have a
great week!


Hello everyone,

I would like to announce that greeters are coming back to our church!

I (Margaret) and Pastor Dave had a wonderful chat about this and we are so
excited to bring greeters back to our church after such a long time away
from it because of the pandemic. We want to bring the church alive again
and welcome everyone as they come through the door.

I’m asking for your help each Sunday morning to volunteer your time to
greet everyone as they come through the door, I’m looking for 2 people
every week to be our greeters.

What are the expectations of our greeters?

We want our church to be welcoming, we want our church family to be greeted
with a warm smile, a good morning, how are you, shake their hand, and if
you know the person well enough even a hug! We want to bring this back and
make it BETTER. So, to facilitate this, we are asking you to be HONEST with
each other! So as a greeter when someone comes in after the initial hello,
you can ask, what are you comfortable with? Can I shake your hand or for
now just an elbow bump or whatever. We don’t want to force a greeting on
anyone, but we want people to feel welcomed and loved and cared for. Let’s
OPEN our hearts back up again after this pandemic.

Have you ever felt uneasy at church lately? Have we been told to greet our
neighbor during the service but not wanting to put your hand out to shake
hands for being unsure the people around you are ok with that? We think
greeters could help to open the lines of communication and model what
healthy connection looks like like. So let’s introduce greeters back to
our doors!!

If you think this is something that would interest you then please email me or text or call me at 306 605 7284. If there’s a
weekend that you want to sign up to then let’s fill it!!

I will provide more details to those who sign up regarding COVID
regulations that we have to follow etc.

Let’s make this happen!!


Margaret Phillips