Round Table Primer for May 15th, 2022

On May 15th, 2022 we will be having another potluck after the service. I
think we all know how those work 🙂

After the potluck we will be holding a “Round Table Discussion.” This is an
opportunity to join in dreaming and hearing God’s voice as we move into the
future. Anyone is welcome to join in the discussion. The last time we held
one of these was before COVID!

After the potluck we will break off into groups of 6-8 and discuss the
questions found in the online form linked below. You are welcome to just
let these questions percolate for the next week and a half or if you are
not a “think on your feet” kind of person or cannot attend for some reason
please feel free to fill out the questions below. We’ll review them and
summarize them so we can present these answers during the discussion.

If potlucks are not your thing, feel free to have your own lunch and come
back to the church to join in the discussion.

Link to online form:

Thanks for your ideas and your feedback! Please dream big and listen to God
as we move forward.


Pastor Dave